API Technology Transfer

At Axano Pharmaceuticals, we provide bespoke, comprehensive end-to-end solutions for technology transfer. Based on different models of co-operation, license and supply, each set up is completely unique and personalised based on the specific targets of your project and our thorough analysis of all available information.

Our in-house experts will consult with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your expectations so we can formulate tailored solutions for the targeted transfer. We offer a range of models covering the transfer of process or analytical information for APIs and intermediates at any stage of the substance’s cycle.

We’re also invested in licensing-in technologies from potential partners. Whether you’re ending production, your site is closing or you need support covering captive demands in a favourable way, Axano Pharmaceutical’s API technology transfer services could be right for you. When we license-in,  the investments for everything including implementation, validation, registration and manufacture are taken on by Axano, which you means you avoid the risk without losing out on the benefits.

If you’re looking for

  • Effective project management by in-house experts
  • Flexible solutions
  • Special technologies and chemical expertise
  • Support with IP, regulatory, quality management and logistics
  • Access to a network of qualified suppliers
  • Access to in house marketing experts
  • Friendly, approachable team

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Axano Pharmaceutical. We have a proven track record in the industry as well as a passion to help our clients. Get in touch today and talk through your technology transfer options.

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