Joint Development

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we’re the ideal partner to support you through every stage of the production cycle. From sourcing active pharmaceutical ingredient through to management of the supply chain management during the commercial phase of a product, Axano Pharmaceutical can support your organisation.

Working with us will give you access to API sources that work only to the highest possible standards all over the globe as well as partnerships with organisations that develop contracts and manufacture products that meet requirements for regulated markets (including EU/US GMP certifications). We also boast an internal IP department to help you navigate the often-confusing world of intellectual property and how it can best benefit your organisation.

We can also support with:

  • Dossier compilation and registration.
  • Quality Management
  • Out-licensing by our business development team with a proven track record of closing licensing deals
  • Launch and supply chain management during commercial phase

If you think Axano Pharmaceutical’s joint development services could help you and your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly experts. We boast a huge level of expertise as well as connections all over the world, both of which makes us an invaluable tool for your projects.

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