Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management services cover the procurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients up until the arrival of the finished dosage form. Axano Pharmaceutical achieves this by working with a global network or manufacturers located predominantly in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Our services are divided into two categories

  • Management of Launch Projects: Each launch involves drastic changes to the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our dedicated experts can help you navigate this challenge in the most timely and cost-effective way
  • Management of the commercial phase of the product lifecycle: After successfully creating the new supply chain, it’s important that it is safeguarded when it moves to the commercial stage.

Our team manages your supply chain through every stage of the lifespan allowing for the successful and continuous supply chain of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms. If you think our supply chain management services could benefit your organisation, get in contact with the Axano Pharmaceutical team today.

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  • Unlimited access to technologies and processes at any scale through our large network of cooperation partners worldwide: we are not limited to certain technologies or batch sizes and do not have to fully utilize own production capacities.
  • Through a proven track record of established partnerships in development and production, we enable invaluable synergies for the benefit of our customers.
  • Reliable analysis & evaluation of the market potential of development ideas through our international expertise & know-how along the entire pharmaceutical value chain.
  • Detailed knowledge of country-specific requirements through our local Midas-offices in all regulated markets.
  • Dedicated & flexible project management which ensures efficient, transparent and fast project execution fitted & adaptable to your individual needs.
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Business Development & Licensing Support

Since our founding, Axano Pharmaceutical has been sourcing and supplying of substances ensuring complete compliance with the corresponding industry requirements and uses. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can ensure you’re compliant no matter your industry or where you’re based.

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